The Bill O’Reilly Douche Award: Scott Olsen


This Douche was suspended 2 games by the Marlins for being a douche. After he was taken out of the game: After Olsen came off the mound in the middle of the fifth inning, he tore off his jersey, threw it at a clubhouse attendant and demanded a new one. Sources said Mitre admonished Olsen for his behavior. That led to the scuffle while third baseman Miguel Cabrera was at bat.

Sportech Matter Covering the South Florida Sports Market One Loss at a Time…has more on this douche. It isnt the 1st time he has been such a douche, as you can see here. There are more incidents, but Sportech Matter froze up on me. But it has to be hard blogging the Marlins. My hats off to you guys down in south florida!


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