Robert Ward: Even sportswriters from the past are idiots

Robert Ward covered the 77 yankees and to this day, he is milking it. He sat down and did a chat on ESPN. Eventhough we all live in 2007, this guy still talks like the 70’s we’re still living in the Carter era, you dig?

I dressed in rock and roll clothes. I wore black Levis.

Q:Did reggie and Martin ever make up?

A: I don’t think so. I don’t think so. I don’t know that they did, but I don’t think so….Those guys were meant to fight each other. But the fight was a good fight. Sometimes fighting on a team is good to help the team gel.

Q:Is the portrayl of Reggie as truthful as the “Bronx is Burning” makes it? Was he that cocky to you?

…this cat talked in torrents…

Letter to Robert Ward or anyone who refers to people as cats,

There is this thing called rocks, they are everywhere, you use to dress as rock and roll, anyways, find a rock, crawl underneath it and never come back.


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