Game 92 Blue Jays v Yankees or Kyle Farnsworth can eat me

Just got home. Yankees down 2-1 in the 8th with 2 outs all thanks to fucking Kyle Farnsworth, this guys is worthless. Point blank, he sucks. He should be away from a baseball park. He sucks. God does he suck. Whatever….Matsui and Posada hit back to back singles, but with two outs and the bottom of order coming up, doesnt seem so promising. The red soxs are down and so are the tribe. Argh.

Wow, Robinson Cano works a full count. Holy Shit…and strikes out. To end the inning and damage our hopes of ever winning anything.

here is a great thought from replacement level yankees weblog on what just happened: Here’s a thought: It’s good that the Yanks didn’t take the lead in the eighth, because if they had, Farnsworth would get the win. That would be wrong on pretty much every level, since far too much of the world thinks of wins as a relevant statistic. I’d rather they won in the ninth. That’s my rationalization, dammit, and I’m sticking to it

the bottom of the ninths starts with a a hit by andy phillips. Donnie baseball comes to bat, wait, Melky. As Miguel “47 year old” Cairo comes in to run for Andy. Melky up at bat. AND HE SHOWS BUNT. Christ
HOLY SHIT. Missed signed everywhere, Melky swings and misses and somehow Cairo steals second. Phew. 1-1 count, man on second…He tries to bunt him to third, which makes more sense. but fails. He bunts it foul. FUCK FUCK FUCK. What the hell. For some reason, Larry Bowa ran with Cairo and also got called out at home. One out, man on second…Melky steals third! HE walks Damon, which is like walking Marlon Brando. The blue jays are playing for the double play with fast runners all around
BALK! Holy funny bones (i just made that up) 2-2. Damon on 2nd. The pitcher lost the strike zone….Foul Ball. AND MR CLUTCH DOES IT AGAIN, hits the ball to short. 2 out, Damon doesnt advance…Abreu does nothing. Extra Innings.
Pitching for the yankees, Lee Guterman

Yankees get out of the top of the tenth without event. Here is Arod and Michael Kay just said the Arod has cluthability…Clutch, he gets hit. Gets on Base.
1 and 1 cound on Matsui. The Red Soxs already lost. Matsui almost finished it. Damnit Foul Ball. 2 and 2 count…Matsui swing at Ball 4/5/6/7 and they walk Posada and Cano is gonna fuck it up. 1 out man on 1st and 2nd. Robinson Cano wins the game and melky goes over and humps him. WE WIN!

Another game in the standings.


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