Game 91 Blue Jays vs. Yankees or Kei Igawa strikes out 3 in 1 2/3 innings

If only I can make that headline 10 feet tall. That has been Kei Igawa’s best line of the year. He should retire now and he will have fared very well.

The Blue Jays Havent hit Arod….Yet! How fucking lame is that.

Igawa has given up 2 hits in the 2nd inning and has a 3-0 count, but he has 3 strike outs! Alex “Bam Bam” Rios is up with bases loaded. I get a feeling that Igawa has lost the strike zone because he is not wearing his shades. I have a feeling that Alex “Roger Maris” Rios is about to hit his 1st grand slam. AND HE HIT IT. if the fence were at 210 in the right field. Kei gets out of trouble.

Is it me, or is Matsui kicking it? homerun 1-0 yankees…..why does royce clayton still play? Cano! Jonron! 2-0 yanks

Alright, I went to cook/eat/enjoy life, came back to the game and its 4-4. Arod hit a homerun and everyone on the bluejays also hit one (although they managed to score only 4 runs. How does that happen? Ask Joe Morgan).

Michael Kay is a pussy. He rips Bonds during the Dan Patrick show today and when he mentions it at the game, he doesnt say a bleep. Why are sporscaster so two face. Lame/Gay/Asshole. Oh, i know why, its michael kay.

Question: Why does Royce Clayton still play? Since 2001 he has played with 7 different teams> His teammates back in his 1st season included Kevin Baas, Bud Black, Jeff Brantley and a 22 year old Rod Beck, who is now dead.

Cano rips the ball, but nobody scores…andy phillips up. And he rips a two run single. Up 6-4

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