GAME 90: YANKEES V DEVIL RAYS or Mike Mussina has given up 3 runs 6 hits and walked 2 in 2 innings of work

The yankees, trying to climb over 500 for the 1st time since Mariano Duncan manned 2nd base are down 3 nothing against the devil rays.

The title says it all about how Mike Mussina is pitching today. Pitching for the Devils Ray is Edwin Jackson born in Neu-Ulm, West Germany. Like San Pedro de Macoris, Ne-Ulm is known for breeding major league pitchers who suck and kill the yankees when they pitch.

How do these pitcher exist? he has a career 7-13 record with a 6.18 ERA. I swear, if i was 6’0” and left handed i would be pitching right now.

Speakin of right now, Joe Torre is arguing with the ump. The Ump is african american, somewhere Kenny Lofton, Tony Womack and Gary Sheffield are saying “I told you so”

Bobby Abreu is 0-2 today. Yankees will lose today. ARod hasnt hit a homerun in 2 games, bench him.

Will Nieves is up to bat. Score 1-3 (tampa bay). Man on 3rd no outs. Here are some fun facts about Will Nieves: His last name in spanish means snow. He sucks. Ike Turner has more hits than him this season….and HOLY SHIT he gets a double. WOO! This german sucks ass.

Other players born in West Germany

Jeter hits a two run homerun. Good For him! And Abreu pops out to Deep center. he has hit it well today, to the warning track. That wont cut it. Arod, up at bat….and he strikes out!

Mussina is pitching with the lead in the 5th. 4-3 (yanks). In all fairness to Will Nieves, he really does suck.

If the yankees and end up winning this game, i can see people describing Mussina’s effort as “gutsy” “grinder” and “he gave us a chance to win the game” I should be a baseball player.

Matsui has become badass. He threw out a player at home and he got an infield hit.

The yankees have 2 outfield assist today. If they dont win this game, this season is all but over.

Our boy Ron Villone is warming up.

Stat of the day: The yankees are 1 and 1 since sheffield called Torre a racist.

Ron Villone in for Mussina. Mussina didnt strike anyone out. What a “grinder” He really gave the yankees a chance to win. It was a gutsy preformance.

Ron Fucking Villone gives up the lead. Yanks down 5-4. Pathetic

Arod leads the 8th with a double. The run BETTER score! Wow, the Devil Rays actually have a reliever with a 7.65 ERA and he gives up a single to Matsui. Man on 1st and 3rd, no outs. Melky up at bat. I dont know why Arod didnt score on that play. Fuck, Farnsworth is warming up.

FUCK! Melky strikes out. What a pathetic player…Cano has 2 strikes on him. Sac Fly. Game Tied…My MLB was buffering for a while and now i see andy philps rip a double. Yankees up. Ron Villone is the pitcher of record

Jorge Posada Pinch hits for Wil Nieves. And he gets walked. Damon up to the plate. Walks and Jeter beats out an infield single.

Krazy Kyle give up a run and Andy Philips saves the game.

Mo Time. Yanks up a run….a Mariano gives up (surprise surprise) a bloop single. Awesome….fuck…man on 1st 2nd, no outs on posada’s catcher interference.

We need a strikeout and double play….Sweet 5-3 double play!

Carlos “I take Steroids” Pena is up and hte last hope for the devil rays. Count 1-1…and my mlb tv fucks up…And the Yankees end up winning the game!

The Yankees are 2-1 ever since Sheffield called Torre a Racist


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