Chien-Ming Wang and Taiwan

Chien-ming wang is huge in taiwan, and he looks good in a skirt here are just some links of baseball in taiwan.

This is is mega indepth. They even have a picture of the flag of taiwan and wanger on it. Two Words: Awesome
When I went to the White Sox/Yanks game, Wanger pitched and the game was filled with fans with their taiwan flag

This one is simple enough, you get a picture and stats of taiwanese players. No more, no less. Good Stuff…you can even keep track of minor league taiwanese players.

This one mixes two things, Taiwan and Basketball. No baseball, but check out the antelopes logo….two words: BADASS

UPDATE: The curse of Migames hits again: Chien Ming has given 3 runs in 1/3 inning. Wow. Viva Migames


One response

  1. Hey, those are all very good links, love the pic with Wang in a skirt, nice find.

    If you can read Traditional Chinese, then I also recommend you this site

    It is by a Taiwanese baseball writer who covers the Yankees, and especially Wang for World Journal, a Mandarin newspaper. The writer is also friends with Wang so you get some good inside scoops from time to time as well.

    and wow, Cubs beat Roy Oswalt, now thats a good game.

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