Yankees reach .500!!!!! Now what?

So the yankees are back at 500 after taking yesterday’s game at the trop. It was the 1st time that Arod and Jeter have ever hit back to back homers in a game. Good for them.

Now, we must keep at it, according to coolstandings we have 14% chance of making the playoffs. (Cubs have 37%)


On a sad note Julio Franco (pictured) was cut by the mets, the 87 year old was playing for his 34th major league team. He will be missed.

Jim is on his way to Paris tomorrow. He told me he was gonna blog todays cubs game. No word if the french will surrender to Jim awesome strength.

From the great mind of Peter Abraham, his take on the whole ARod contract situation:In the end, they need each other. If A-Rod stays with the Yankees, he would make $27 million next season then $32 million in 2009 and 2010 thanks to the escalator clause in his deal. If they Yankees extend him at, say, three years at $30 million, that’s a total package of six years and $181 million, an average annual salary of $30.16 million.

Can he get that on the open market? Only a handful of teams can even entertain the thought. One of them is the Mets and they have a third baseman and a shortstop. Then you have the Red Sox, Dodgers and perhaps the Cubs and Angels.

The Red Sox seem unlikely given the money they’ve laid out for guys like J.D. Drew, Julio Lugo and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Plus, does even Alex have enough phony pills to pretend he wants to play in front of fans who have despised and mocked him for four years?

If the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox aren’t involved, Scott Boras won’t have a lot of leverage. As much as he may want to take his biggest client into the open market, coming to a deal with the Yankees might make the most sense.

So there you have it. those or these morning notes. We will try to keep this page non political today, but if some idiot says anything else, it will be posted. Enjoy the games. Im on my way to wrigley soon. Gay


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