the cubs are back!

finally! something interesting to talk about. goddamn that was a long all-star break. and there seemed to be a lot less going on during the stretch than during the offseason. the cubs ended up having a decent first half, thanks to a stellar june, and thanks to this guy getting out of his car and playing.


the cubs are carrying three catchers on their 25-man roster right now. after getting rid of michael barrett (best move in cubs history?), rob bowen and koyie hill have been fantastic behind the plate but have about 3 hits between them on the year. so geovany soto, who has been hot in iowa, was called up for a little second half catching competition. this means pie was sent down but there are rumors that izturis has a good chance of being traded. could another baseball gm possibly make me that happy? we shall see.

i’m at work right now and migue is headed to wrigley. so he can cheer for the astros or something weak like that. actually i think even cubs might have value in his eyes compared to the patheticness of the ‘stros. so a couple quick thoughts before the game starts regarding what should change and what should remain the same if the cubs want to win the division in 2007:

1. soriano
2. aramis
3. the cajun kids theriot and fontenot
4. carlos marmol
5. mark derosa

6. derrek lee (more HR or start hitting .340+ again please?)
7. zambrano, rich hill, marshall, lilly, marquis (a little more consistency maybe but impressive so far)
8. daryle ward (stud off the bench)
9. billy petrick (when does he come back from iowa?)
10. michael wuertz (always gives a quality inning in relief)
11. angel pagan (has been solid in CF/RF while pie finds his swing)
12. the catchers (bowen and hill need to hit more, maybe soto will take the job?)

13. cliff floyd (can’t run but ok to start a couple times a week)
14. felix pie (going to get consistent at-bats in iowa to work on newish swing, hope to see him back soon)
15. will ohman
16. relievers from iowa (sean gallagher, rocky cherry, clay rapada, neal cotts etc; it remains to be seen if they can contribute but i have less confidence in the pitchers below them on this list)
17. bob howry
18. dempster (do we care if he comes back?)

19. scott eyre, jacque jones, cesar izturis (the untradable trio, please stop wasting three roster spots)



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