Gary Sheffield Thinks that Joe Torre is a Racist

I think the phrase “consider the source” was invented by then 47 year old Julio Franco on November 18, 1968 when mother sheffield gve birth to gary. Gary came out of the birth canal and complained that the womb wasn’t warm enough for him, in popped J. Franco and said to mother sheffield “Consider the source.”

If O.J. would have said that Joe Torre is a racist, i would have believed him over Sheffield. Hell, i dont know nor do i care if Joe Torre is a racist, for all i know, he can have swastic shape bed, but anything coming from Sheffield I wont believe.

(Jorge Posada hits a homerun to make this sad game 3-6, tamba bay. When Posada got to the bench, Torre sent him to his fields to harvest the cotton)

Fun game at Wrigley today. Cubs won, which im sure Jim loved

(Matsui just hit a homerun to complete the back to back 4-6 tampa bay)

The Soup, from E! is on TV. Has to be the funniest show on TV.


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