cuban’s cubs? you bet!

mark cuban officially put in his application to buy my chicago cubs. i think its a long shot for him to actually a) be the high bidder AND b) be approved by the fags of major league baseball but wow would i love for that to happen.

an owner that cares if his team wins?

if i wasnt a cub fan and cuban bought the team i might become one. why? because even though he is a rich white dude, he at least isn’t a crusty old one. you can’t get any different from the chicago tribune than him. he wants to win, he is competitive and smart.

they interviewed scott eyre on

“He likes to win,” Cubs pitcher Scott Eyre said on Friday of Cuban. “Anything he’s done in business or life, he’s a winner. He brings a winning attitude and atmosphere. I don’t think he’d get a warm reception if he tries to change Wrigley, though.”

Cuban has upgraded the Mavericks’ locker room and facilities since taking over the NBA team, and although the players’ space at Wrigley could use some improvements, the ballpark is a classic.

“As long as he doesn’t change the aura or mystique of Wrigley, he’ll be fine,” Eyre said. “Maybe he can bring in a voodoo guy and get rid of the goat curse.”

first of all, why are they talking to eyre? is it because he has nothing else to do? because by the time mark cuban or anyone else buys this team and the 2008 season starts, scott eyre better not be a motherfucking cub anyway. secondly, they are talking about IMPROVEMENTS to wrigley. this attitude that wrigley field is this untouchable sacred ground is pathetic and has to GO. get rid of the goat curse? well if you believe in the damn goat curse maybe you ought to be open to modifying the fucking ballpark that mr WRIGLEY kicked the goat out of! fucking cubs people are stupid. mark cuban is not. PLEASE major league baseball if mark cuban is the high bidder, do NOT be douchebags are give it to the next guy.

i feel very strongly about this. so much so that i would rather the cubs not win the world series this year just so the trib would not get any credit for it. but only if the next owner is mark cuban.


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