GAME 87 Yankees at Devil Rays

YANKEE BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Devil Rays play in the ugliest ballpark in he majors. There is nothing nice about it. Its the reason why I wont live blog this game. Its very strange, how strange, Bobby Abreu just hit a 2 out double with RISP. Wow! Thats how odd.

What ARod said before the game: Like I’ve said all year, I think it’s something we need to do at the end of the year. I think it would be selfish on my part to talk about my contract status when our team desperately needs wins. My goal is to win as many games as we can, focus on my teammates and play at a real high level in the second half.” Which, if you ask the Daily News, he just asked for a trade

Andy pitching pretty well so far. I suspect the rays will get 8 runs off of him in the 4th inning. Torre will keep him in till the 7th…

Johnny Damon is playing and leading off. He loves to laughs when he commits and out. He loves laughing

Melky puts down the bunt…with two outs. Gay/Lame/Safe…Melky tries to steal the base. He gone. Gay/Lame/Out

The Rays actually have a player named Gnomes. Awesome! This might be the inning where Andy gives up 8 runs…ok, so he didnt give up those 8 runs, goes to show how much I know!

Jeter hits it out of the park. Wow! And then ARod hits a homerun. Which if you read the Daily News, that means he wants to be traded

Comment: I love how people say that if Arod opts out he will be viewed as greedy or if Arod stays, he will be viewed as the best yankees ever. Two things to consider, this is the same guy yankee fans booed last year. AND, if I was offered more money at a different organization, i would take it in a heartbeat.

Abreu hits a homer. Wow! Abreu, Homerun and Double in this game. that ties the 1st half total for xbh

4th Inning. Leadoff double and walk. Here comes the 8 runs!He loaded the bases before getting an out, one run in and 2 outs. And he gets out the last guy
…alright, im off to go eat!


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