Bill O’Reilly hates the Padres, the Gays and Luis Salazar

Bill O’Reilly is angry at the San Diego Padres for giving away hats to kids the same day they held gay and lesbian nite at the ball park. O’Reilly was upset saying: “Thousands of gay adults showed up and comingled with straight families!” Some parents were upset about it, not wanting to “mix the two lifestyles,” Eventualy, O’Reilly called the Padres “dumb” because baseball is america’s pastime and its pure and kids shouldnt be subjected to that type of display.

Im not making this stuff up, here is the video:

UPDATE: This just in, Bill O’Reilly warns families not to take thier kids to wrigley field because its near boystown. Wrigley field: You have been warned.

UPDATE 2: If you want to watch this great video, hit the arrow.


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