State of the Yankees, I mean is Arod going to opt out

The New York Daily News came out with this story today. For some reason, editors and retards are going ga-ga over this. They even gave odds on who might Arod play for next year:

As I stated yesterday, this is lamer than renting this movie or reading this book. Why cant they talk about more important things like this or this. And the best thing about this story is this little line in it:

If he [ARod] stays [with the yankees], there are scenarios in his contract based on whether he’s the game’s highest-paid player that would allow him to opt out in 2008 and 2009, also.



One response

  1. from that article:

    “Plus, Cubbies could really use a shortstop, a position currently manned by Cesar Izturis.”

    once again proves that people in New York don’t know the first fucking thing about the Cubs as Izturis hasn’t started consecutive games at shortstop since May. God, I hate New York.

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