ALL STAR GAME SPECIAL: Homerun Derby, Lamer than…

The Homerun derby is a cash cow for ESPN. They started broadcasting the event in 1993 and in 1998 they started doing them live. Past winners have included this guy, this guy and this guy (thats right, Wally Joyner made it to Migames).

Of course, no Homerun derby is complete without these past steroid users winner, like this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy and my guy.

The point is that the Homerun derby is stupid. And while people think its the bomb, must I remind you of the 3 point shoot out or the slam dunk contest at the NBA allstar game. You might remember this but not this, or this and not this.

So dont watch. Stay home and read a book.


One response

  1. I think the Hone Run Derby is better than the other two you mentioned. You and I can slam and hit 3’s but can we hit a fastball going 85 plus mph off the wall or taking it out 400plus feet? I can’t can you?

    please adjust the font size on your comment box I can barely see what I’,m typingg. 🙂

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