Roxanne: The Police in Chicago, or Joy in Wrigley Field

I think lastnite was the 1st time where i felt actual joy in wrigley.

Here was the set list:
Message in a Bottle (Stewart Copeland starts the show with a [EDIT] bong gong)
Synchronicity II
Spirits in the Material World
Voices Inside my Head
Dont Stand so Close to Me
Driven to Tears
Walking on the Moon
Thruth Hits Everybody
Every Little THing She does is Magic
(there was an ad where the Torco sign use to be, now its a bud light ad and it states Every little sip you take is magic…indeed)
The Bed’s too big without you
Murder by Numbers
De Do Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Da
Invisble Sun
Walking in your footsteps
Cant Stand Losing You
(i found this song to be poetic justice, people in wrigley all chanting over and over “I cant stand losing, I cant stand Losing”)
King of Pain
So Lonely
Every Breah You Take

Next to You (they rocked out with this song)

All in all, it was a good show, what was sad is that cubs fans felt the need to wear there cub shirts to the park eventhough their team was getting their asses handed to them many miles aways….


One response

  1. did stewart copeland really start the show with a bong hit, because that would be spectacular. i’m not sure even snoop dogg or cypress hill would have the balls to do that at wrigley.

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