To my very special friend Miguel – Love Arod

Dear Migue,

Even though my hamstring will keep me from playing the all-star game this year, it will not stop me from celebrating your birthday in style. I have enclosed a special video for you in this letter, just as the Princess in super mario 3 used to enclose P-wings and music boxes for Mario, to show you this style and give you some tips for how a birthday should be celebrated.

I hope that helps, its the least I can do! And believe me if I knew you cared about the all-star game at all, I would be there to play. But we both know whats really important is the regular season and those Blue Jays will not be sitting so pretty come September, I guarantee you that! But I have to get back to the weight room, bodies like mine don’t just build themselves, you know! Enjoy yourself today. And buy yourself the most expensive tequila shot you can and know that it is from me, in spirit. Best wishes, pal.

Your buddy,



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