recap – cubs at nationals. game 84.

i tried to shake it up a little bit today and not blog the game. but i watched, boy, did i watch it! the cubs broke an 18-inning drought without scoring a run. yes that is against nationals pitching. but it just goes to show why no team ever goes through the season undefeated.

i was appalled at the lineup earlier but i did know daryle ward could get the job done. i did not know that jacque jones would hit two doubles. but if you told me before the game that jacque jones would hit two doubles i would say, “yeah but he still won’t have any RBIs or score any runs.” exactly what happened. ah jacque, you just cant win in my eyes.

but i have to say compared to your bench-mate izturis you look like an all-star and my best friend on the team. aramis ramirez may need to file a restraining order against izturis after the nutsack grabbing that everyone saw on youtube early this week and then colliding with aramis both trying to make a play on a ground ball. ramirez already has a bad knee and it looked like he wouldve made the play without izturis charging in and knocking him to the ground.

anyway the cubs won 4-2 thanks mostly to daryle ward and mike fontenot who was moved back to the 2-hole and went 3 for 5. i had assumed fontenot was good enough to hit anywhere in the lineup but apparently i’m wrong. theriot and fontenot are awesome, the only problem is they both have to be batting 2nd in the order to get hits.

i hope the offense finds their game for real in pittsburgh because its not going to be cake sweeping the series or even taking 2 of 3. so i’ll just add my player of the game tags and i’ll be back tomorrow maybe with a live blog if i feel like it. the format had just gotten too routine. it was creating a bad vibe for the cubs. yes i believe that, shut up.


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