evidence that bill murray’s career might be dead

someone (migue) suggested yesterday on this site that bill murray’s career is over. i’d say i’m a bill murray fan, he is a chicago guy, cub fan, did some funny stuff with SNL, starred in some great movies (like caddyshack one of my all-time favorites, not too mention rushmore). but i saw this and it made me think that migue might be right.

this scene is from some, most likely terrible, movie that i haven’t seen but it stars rza and gza from the wu-tang clan and bill murray. rza and gza seem to be acting pretty real but bill murray is just confusing and not funny. so if your career is dead, bill murray, at least you had a good run. r.i.p. bill murrays career and long live the genius and bobby digital.


2 responses

  1. more evidence:
    Garfield: A tail of two kitties (2006)
    The Lost City (2005)
    Garfield (2004)
    Osmosis Jones (2001)
    Speaking of Sex (2001)
    Charlie’s Angels (2000)
    Hamlet (2000)
    Scout;s Honor (1999)
    WIth Friends Like THese… (1998)
    Wild THings (1998)

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