Countdown to Cubs/Astros next friday

Being that I dont care jack about the cubs, and I live in chicago and my girlfriend’s dad has season tickets, next friday I will be enjoying the beers and the food from Wrigley. Good times. It will be the 4th time I see the cubs this season. They lost all other games (whats new). Its sad when you have seen the Cubs the same number of times that you have seen the Yankees. Its even sadder that im seeing the Astros. Nonetheless. The countdown begins today.

7 days!

I will be going to wrigley in the next couple of hours to watch the Police (so lonely, so lonely, so lonely). Jim and I went thru a Police phase in college, and then Jim pointed out that all their songs faded out, and with that, our phase also faded out. I will keep an eye out to see if they fade out their songs in concert, which, if they do, would be badass. Live Fade. WOW!


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