news flash: cubs concede game 4 against the nationals using a starting lineup that would heretofore have only been brought up as a complete joke

this is what lou piniella and the cubs are going with today. ward can hit alright and lee has been slumping so… ok. but no derosa? the 6, 7, 8, and 9 spots in this lineup couldnt hit scott eyre on an off-day.

Soriano – LF
Fontenot – 2B
Ward – 1B
Ramirez – 3B
Floyd – RF
Jones – CF
Hill – C
Izturis – SS
Marshall – P

i guess thats what they get for not showing up to play yesterday. fine, we’ll start our clearly inferior bench and make it two losses in a row! that’ll show you mark derosa! you can try to extend your hitting streak to 11 games in pittsburgh, you ass! the brewers lost three games to the pirates. its not like we want to make up any ground in our division or anything…

obviously i would love to be made to eat my words, so lets have it jacque. i want to know why you are still in major league baseball.


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