MLB tv-Buffering

Just got to my office and checked on the game. Our boy Kei has given up 5 runs in 5 innings.

We lost yesterday on Fourth of July, the game was versus Santana, so I cant get to upset about the game.

Arod is not in the lineup and Kei just had his second straight 1-2-3 inning.

lets see what happens

Kei Igawa just set a career high 97 pitches thrown. Wow, way to go Kei (EDIT: LOSER)

Vizcaino is pitching for the yankees, score tied 5-5, 6th inning. There goes the game….

Michael Kay just said: Boy, that Cano can really flash the leather

5-5 B6

One out, Melky gets another hit, he is 3 for 4. Good for Melk Man

Its so wierd having Paul O’Niell in the broadcast booth. Everything he says about when he use to play, is all shit I can remember. Back in the day, when Phil Rizzuto use to talk about the 30s, i had no clue what he was talking about. But when ONiell talks about Tino, the kid that he hit 2 homeruns for and other whatnots, I know what he is talking about.

This observation is brought to you by my birthday, here tomorrow.

Hideki .267 Matsui got a basehit, man on 1st and 2nd 2 outs. Hip Hip Jorge up to plate. MVP just fucked us. Wow, no runs in, 5-5

I love the song for MLBtv

Bobby Murcer just ripped Scott Proctor….awesome

Still no runs. still 5-5. Christ!

Crazy Kyle just had a 1-2-3 inning, WOW

Bottom of the 8th, game still tied 5-5

Afflac Question: Why does Johnny Damon suck? Answer in the top half of the inning

2-1 on Jeter…here comes the home run…3-1…here it comes…walked

MATSUI, takes it Deep. 7-5…and he gets a curtain call. Man, if there is something lame in Yankee Stadium are these Curtain Calls.

Mo Time

To Answer the Afflac Question: He sucks so bad, that Joe Torre pulled him out of the game and placed Hideki in LF, Hideki was our DH, if this game gets tied, the pitcher bats

Mariano, trying to Fuck it up…you dont see alot of swing and misses v Mo now a days

here we go, count 2-2, one run in. Man on Second up by 1

Alright Game Over on a check swing….Robinson Cano was asked after the game if he was happy, he said he will joke with Melky in the Car. Ahhh, joking with Melky in the Car. And Krazy Kyle gets the win SO

we took 3 out of 4 versus the Twins, not bad. Lets get the Angels and for christ sakes, lets try to get more than 20 views in one day.

I send it off to Jim who will have the Cubs Games in a little Bit.

Good Times.


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