live – cubs at nationals. game 83.

bottom 1st well they were talking in the pre=game about how ryan zimmerman always seems to turn it on on the holidays. rich hill has gien up 17 home runs on the year now (in 17 starts), the most recent: a solo shot to ryan zimmerman. and its 1-0 nationals. the cubs went down 1-2-3 in the first inning. its been at least a couple days since the cubs were losing a game.

top 2nd so derosa smacks a single into center after a throwing error from lopez put ramirez on base. so its 1st and 2nd, no out. pagan is batting 6th today. pagan flies out to center on a 3-2 count. they were throwing everything low trying to get him to ground into a double play. fuck, fontenot flies out to belliard. so it quickly goes from no out to 2 out and here is rob bowen… ground out. pretty miserable.

bottom 2nd a lot of speculation so far in this game about what rich hill could possibly be doing to tip his pitches. like when he gets hammered people know when the breaking ball is coming and are taking fastballs. don sutton is now convinced the nationals can tell when he is going to first and when he is going home after felipe lopez takes off on first movement on a pitch after a couple throws to first. he ended up on third after bowen threw it high into center field, but rich hill struck out the catcher on 3 pitches to get out of it.

top 4th the cubs havent scored in over nine innings now. this offense seems to really have cooled down even though matt chico is pitching a really good game. its 1-0 nationals and from what i’ve seen so far that may be enough. cubs really have to turn it on here soon. this game is not over yet but they havent even been hitting the ball hard.

bottom 4th rich hill pitches nicely out of two leadoff hits from the nationals. the first one shouldnt have even been a hit but hill tired to grab it with his glove and deflected and slowed it down so theriot had no chance to throw the runner, zimmerman, out. but had rich let it go it would have been routine for theriot. no big deal since no one scored. but the nationals have now outhit the cubs 5-2 so far.

top 5th rich hill on second now after a wild pitch leading to a 3-2 count on soriano. there are 2 outs after fontenot got called out on a check swing (where he didnt go) and bowen flew out. and now soriano strikes out swinging. fuck.

bottom 5th well shit, the nationals really have this game in hand now. its 6-0 after jesus flores, nook logan, and ronnie belliard all got hits. they intentionally walked ryan zimmerman and dmitri young took a 2-strike curve ball out of the park for a grand slam.


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