live – cubs at nationals. game 81.

top 2nd its 2-0 cubs. the difference in this game so far: aramis ramirez. both starting pitchers put the first two guys on with walks (derrek lee got hit by a pitch). aramis hit yet another double to score both cubs runners but lilly struck out ryan zimmerman and dmitri young and got kearns to ground out to end the inning.

and now soriano just scored bowen from second on a hit into left field. 3-0 cubs. lilly seemed to have gotten comfortable so lets hope his control issues were brief and now gone.

top 3rd its 5-0 cubs now. they are hitting simontacchi pretty well. lots of doubles and singles. bowen just flew out with the bases loaded and 1 out and cliff floyd ran awkwardly home. now its hot-hitter ted lilly at the plate. its funny to see him and rich hill bat, they take the goofiest swings. and lilly pops it up. this is exactly what should be happening against the nationals though.

bottom 3rd inning over. 5 of lilly’s 9 outs are strikeouts. he is been falling behind counts and still coming back getting the third strike. pretty solid so far.

top 4th …just ended. this game has been going for an hour and a half and its only the 4th inning. its 7-0 cubs now, they just keep getting hits. mostly singles. this is pretty pathetic, i mean, why are the nationals even in the league? wouldn’t major league baseball be better if all the teams were major league teams?

the nationals are like the cubs last year – theyve had 20 different starting pitchers so far this year. its cool to have baseball in lots of different cities but something is missing, is there really not enough talent to go around?

top 5th hey, the nats get their first 1-2-3 inning of the game. congratulations. not to take too much away from it but rob bowen did lead off the inning and then ted lilly tried to strike out. but way to go getting sori to ground to short. billy traber gets it done in his second inning in from the bullpen.

bottom 5th once again mark derosa makes a nice catch at 2nd on a line drive jumping straight up. he gets a tag on this blog for that. not to mention he is 2 for 3 with 3 RBI right now.

and then cliff floyd jumps into the wall coming not even close to making a catch. nationals get their first hit. lame. floyd is starting to wear on me to be honest.

also, one of these nationals broadcasters is chewing gum and i can hear it REALLY LOUDLY. can that be more obnoxious?

and here is snoop dogg nook logan to the plate. hmm he gets a surprising hit down the left field line and its 7-1. i like how these announcers seem to think they are somehow on the verge of being right back in it. and ronnie belliard grounds to third for the final out.

bottom 8th lilly comes out after 7 innings giving up 1 run on 3 hits. pretty nice outing even if he did throw a lot of pitches. and petrick pitched another good inning “putting up a zero” as he might say. they really took advantage of putting cherry on the DL so they could call petrick right back up for this road trip.

top 9th pie is up now. pagan moved to right for floyd a couple innings ago. but he flies out. well the nationals bullpen has done a pretty good job shutting the cubs down in these later innings. its still 7-1, cubs havent added many hits either. three out now, time to close this one out.

bottom 9th howry serves up a double to zimmerman. kearns rip a hit up the middle, 7-2 now, 1 out. ah, the bullpen. wow derrek lee with two errors now? its first and second.

bob howry walks felipe lopez. bases loaded. we are NOT going through this again. piniella comes out of the dugout… standing on the steps. howry gets to face this guy, not sure if they arent ready in the bullpen?

double play 5-4-3. brewers won today too.


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