baseball prospectus does not know anything about the cubs

baseball prospectus is a great website. there is a lot of good baseball writing on that site, i subscribe to it. is it overpriced? yeah. are the writers pretentious? you bet. do they know anything about the cubs? fuck no they dont.

they think that trading michael barrett was a questionable move for the cubs. no one who has ever watched the cubs or been a fan would seriously think they should have hung on to barrett. the only thing they know on baseball prospectus are barrett’s stats compared to rob bowen’s and their sabermetric analysis of how many runs each player defense sacrificed or saved according to some empirically derived algorithm. and what i mean by that is that it is NOT infallible, its just an estimate. barrett is probably a pretty nice guy but he was a disease on this team.

ronny cedeno aka trade bait

they think the cubs don’t have a shortstop and that they should call up ronny cedeno because he is hitting .387/.466/.638 in 45 games in iowa right now. yes that is a good line. however, anyone who has ever seen ronny cedeno play knows he has no baseball sense, his defense is questionable at best. and while he has a little power, his ability to get on base has suffered greatly any time he’s been in the majors.

and i know you havent watched any cubs games if you think they don’t have a shortstop. cesar izturis is bad but he is like 24th or 25th man these days. ryan theriot, mark derosa, and mike fontenot can all play short and they have been doing just fine. the cubs have won 9 out of 10. its a cliche but if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

ultimately what is all this means is that fans of los angeles and new york (and boston) baseball teams don’t know shit about chicago baseball. the cubs are supposedly a national team but no one in the media takes them seriously (and probably deserved so to date) and no one in the media watches them. so until you follow the team a bit you should just keep your mouth shut about what is best for the cubs. the national media in general doesnt know shit about anything beyond the most superficial aspects of any given team. baseball prospectus is a nice exception in some cases probably. but they don’t know shit about the cubs. however they should keep writing about them on occasion because i eat it up.

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