a good week at wrigley

ok i dont hate wrigley field anymore. i take it back. the cubs actually played this week like they had a home field.

“I think the team is starting to enjoy playing, enjoying the game,” Alfonso Soriano said. “That’s the difference. I think the team now had a very good month, and hopefully we can have another good month. Now we feel like a team.”

soriano after his walk-off hit to beat the rockies (AP Photo/Jerry Lai)

soriano after aramis’ walk-off home run to beat the brewers (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

if i could actually have a favorite cub, it would be soriano because the way he looks in those pictures was how i felt after each of those wins. even if i can’t pick a favorite cub i so glad that soriano signed with the cubs. even if he isn’t the typical lead-off hitter in terms of OBP, yeah he chases bad pitches sometimes but he is worth it.

i complained a lot about him leading off early this season but i was wrong. that is where he should be. and if we were an AL team i would bat pie ninth always. but we’re not. doesnt matter, the lineup has been looking really good lately. piniella is figuring shit out (dont play jones or izturis. dont pitch eyre). now its hendry’s turn to figure shit out and dump them.

so the cubs are headed to d.c. now to play four games against the nationals. then over to pittsburgh for three against the pirates. the brewers play the same teams this week. the cubs have to stay hot but now i actually have some confidence in them. that last loss against texas seems like last season.


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