live – brewers at cubs. game 80.

top 1st a 1-2-3 inning for jason marquis! he made a great play on a shot up the middle off the broken bat of ryan braun. however, it looked like part of the bat hit him, he headed right into the clubhouse. so i hope he is ok…

bottom 1st marquis is back in the dugout so it looks like he is probably fine. theriot hit double that was just fair into the brewers bullpen. derrek lee followed up with a bloop single into left-center that wasnt sure to drop so theriot couldnt score. here is ramirez though.

and he rips a double into the hole in right center! theriot scores easily and lee gets waved around and scores on a late throw! 2-0 cubs! beautiful. fontenot is batting sixth today so here he comes after derosa strikes out. he rips a line drive into center but right at bill hall. cubs score 2 though, thats a good start. i like the movement of fontenot and theriot in the batting order. theriot has done well in the 2-hole this season. so has fontenot but i think fontenot might be able to have success at the 6th spot too. i think its a good move at least for one game.

top 2nd another 1-2-3 inning on some solid/routine plays from the defense. marquis is really good when he is on.

bottom 2nd fielder lets a grounder from koyie hill roll between his legs with one out. marquis strikes out so soriano gets a chance with 2 outs. soriano takes a swing for strike three that looked like me in little league swinging half-assed after the ball is already in the catcher’s mitt. wow that was weak.

top 3rd marquis strikes out geoff jenkins. then walks rickie weeks on four pitches. the pitcher bush bunts to advance the runner and marquis tosses over to theriot covering first. two out. back to the top of the order with hart. and he strikes out on a check swing at pitch low off the outside of the plate.

bottom 3rd and theriot rips another double this time down the left field line! this is the theriot i got used to seeing earlier in the season. and then derrek lee dumps it left field! theriot tries to score, the throw beat him to the plate and it looked like he was out but the ump called him safe, like he avoided the tag! 3-0 cubs. oh man, that was close. i dont know. i’ll take it though.

ramirez pops up just in front of the plate and its dropped by ryan braun! 1st and 3rd no outs! he just knocked it down with his glove and it rolled over towards the brewers dugout. and the derosa hits it back up the middle for a base hit! 4-0 cubs! yeah, this team can hit too. and here is fontenot. i love that we are down to the 6 spot and we’ve still got a hitter like fontenot. no outs still. he strikes out though. oh well.

pagan then to try to keep it going. ground out to fielder. 2 outs. shit, koyie hill hit it hard to right but corey hart was able to pull it down at the warning track. wind is blowing in today. 4-0 cubs, one-third of the way through.

top 4th looked like marquis might be in trouble for the first time with lead off hits from jj hardy and ryan braun. fielder hit a long drive into center but it didnt leave the park and pagan pulled it down and made a nice throw to second to keep braun from advancing. then marquis found his “lucky pitch” according to what albert pujols would say and got bill hall to hit into a double play to end the inning. fuck yeah.

“He got in trouble like normally, you know, he always gets in trouble, and finds a lucky pitch to make to get out of trouble, you know,” Cardinals start Albert Pujols said of Marquis (after the Cubs 6-0 win against the Cardinals 4/21/07)

pujols is a fag.

top 5th gross, geoff jenkins hit a 1 out triple. pagan makes some crazy fucking attempts out there in center. i wonder if pie wouldve played that better. anyway rickie weeks grounds to short and jenkins cant score. its up to the pitcher, bush, now to score him. nope strike out. one more time, fuck yeah.

top 6th corey hart leads off with solo HR. 4-1. at least thats because corey hart is good though, gross as he is. a geoff jenkins triple just should not happen. hardy pops out thats 1 down. braun grounds to second. 2 gone. and derrek lee makes another nice play at first to retire prince fielder. cubs still lead, how bout some offense now after two 1-2-3 bottom halves.

bottom 6th dave bush issues two one-out walks to pagan and hill. marquis bunts them over, two out. here is soriano’s chance to be the man again. shit, corey hart made a really nice catch sliding into foul territory. inning over.

top 7th whoo! marquis just got johnny estrada to chase a high fastball for strike three. that is beautiful, two out. bill hall struck out before him. and geoff jenkins flies out to soriano. money.

great, seventh inning stretch. good thing the sound went out on my about 4 innings ago. it usually comes in kinda choppy when i’m at home. but the sound went out and now the images are streaming faster it seems so i’m not messing with it. why cant it just be good quality? i pay for this shit.

bottom 7th whoo again!! ryan theriot rips his 3rd double of the game down the left field line again! and derrek lee follows it up again with another hit. huh, and ramirez ground into a double play but it scores the run. 5-1 cubs. don’t mind the insurance run at all. and derosa pops out. will marquis stay in?

top 8th nope its marmol, who strikes out rickie weeks for the first out. now huge loser craig counsell pops out behind the plate, koyie hill pulls it down, two outs. wow! and then corey hart strikes out swinging on three pitches! and for a third time, fuck yeah!

bottom 8th interesting, marmol comes up to bat after a 2 out koyie hill. and he grounds out to short on the first pitch. ok…i guess they want him to pitch the ninth then.

top 9th alright well its the heart of the brewer batting order. jj hardy to lead off. hardy hits a double off the glove of soriano. holy shit that was an error but they are calling it a double. shit. petrick is warming up now. petrick and howry.

holy crap, that was close. ryan braun flew out to right but derosa had to run back towards the corner and haul it in. hardy advances to third. YES. prince strikes out swinging. nice pitching marmol. he is really gaining confidence you can tell. two strikes now on bill hall…

OH YEAH!! strike three swinging! marmol throws his fist in the air! hahah, yes. that is sweet. two fucking wicked innings from marmol. seven REALLY solid innings from marquis. and the cubs take 2 of 3 from the first place brewers, make up one game up of ground and are back to .500 on the year. now to washington for 4 games against the nationals. man that is huge.


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