live – brewers at cubs. game 79.

top 1st hmm this looks familiar. rickie weeks is up right now and its 4-0 brewers with 1 out. fontenot made an error, couldnt grab a grounder by corey hart to lead off the game. since then its been hit after hit. weeks strikes outs so thats two down, and now ben sheets, the pitcher, is up. we should know by now its not over yet but this is really not cool. sheets strikes out and the brewers bring 9 batters up again in the first. i guess 4 runs is better than 5 right?

bottom 1st soriano is on to lead off the game. soriano is awesome. by the way, its saturday so its that time of the week for FOX to fuck me over causing a national blackout on all games. and even if i had a tv i couldnt wouldnt be able to watch the cubs and brewers here in portland.

ANYWAY fontenot just laced a stand-up triple into the right field corner. soriano scores 4-1 brewers. i do like listening to pat and ron. and i can always watch the highlights later. and lee strikes out. ramirez hits a sacrifice fly to right driving in fontenot as corey hart’s throw is apparently off the mark. and floyd grounds out to end it. 4-2 though, thats pretty decent work. lets hope marshall gets it together.

top 2nd looks like derosa and fontenot have changed positions switching 2B and SS. i guess derosa came up as a shortstop. fontenot gets the first out on a pop-up from corey hart. hardy grounds over to first and lee steps on the bag for the second out.

ryan braun walks. in 15 games against lefties this season braun is hitting an incredible .517/.583/1.172. now prince fielder hits a long drive into center. pagan jumped up to try to make the play, almost had it but i guess it just sailed right over his glove. 5-2 brewers. now bill hall rips a double into left field and its 6-2. wow this is brutal. marshall is really getting knocked around. and estrada gets a hit… 7-2. finally kevin mench makes an out.

bottom 2nd derosa, pagan, and hill all hit balls hard into the outfield but all three got caught.

top 3rd well the cubs are waving the white flag. piniella just double switched jones into CF and now scott eyre is in to pitch. granted, it cant get much worse than what marshall has done so far. but scott eyre cant throw strikes. its 3-0 on rickie weeks. ball four. after this, if he doesnt turn it around, we better see this guy DFA’ed. our bullpen is getting overworked we cant have him taking up a roster spot.

koyie hill just threw it into center field on a bounce past derosa trying to throw out weeks. sheets struck out on a bad pitch, man on second. i guess mark grace is doing the telecast on FOX… corey hart grounds out. ron santo is going crazy, he has been talking about driving and the different driving styles of his kids and grandkids all inning. jj hardy just slid into third with a triple and its 8-2. this is fucked up. if the cubs lose this game and scott eyre gets moved somehow i will count that as a victory. we’ll see what happens.

9-2 on a hanging curveball. braun gets yet another hit against a lefty. i dont necessarily have to hang in here this entire game but the cubs and their bullpen do. eyre HAS to get outs. the brewers just keep fouling pitches off too. scott eyre has already thrown 34 pitches. and fielder pops out to short left-center and derosa grabs it.

these scripted onstar/chevy commercials by pat and ron are PATHETIC. its like they did them in one take, as quickly as possible, first read-through. which is fine for them but how sad is chevy to actually write and air them? i barely understood what the commercial was for. all i got out of it was what i already mentioned and that, once again, people who write commercials have the sense of humor and creativity of a lab rat.

top 4th scott eyre just walked kevin mench, who is basically impossible to walk. he has 4 walks all years, 3 of them in the past two games against the cubs. hill, marshall, and eyre all walked him. double play 5-4-3 to end the inning. is it wrong for me to be rooting against eyre right now because i want him off the team? same thing with jones who struck out to lead off the last inning. i wonder when the last time the cubs actually designated a veteran for assignment was? good teams do it. like the angels just did it to shea hillenbrand. we need all 25 of our roster spots to contribute positively to be a contender.

bottom 4th speaking of getting rid of guys, izturis just struck out on four pitches pinch-hitting for eyre to end the inning. cubs waste a lead off triple by ramirez.

…a lot later i didnt listen to the rest of the game, just periodically checked the score. it didnt improve much. cubs notched a few more runs, the bullpen gave up a few more. whatever. point is, this team is still carrying dead weight in guys like scott eyre, jacque jones, cesar izturis. we need 12 pitchers and we need 12 pitchers that can do their job. marshall and hill had bad outings, it happens. i have confidence in them that they can still find their games. eyre, on the other hand, needs to go and i’m sick of hendry not being able to do his job and make trades or RELEASE PEOPLE to get the 25-man roster to where it should be.


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