live – brewers at cubs. game 78.

ah – the baseball work day. what if i didnt have an office job where i’ve got internet access pretty much all day? i remember summer as a kid watching cubs games on wgn there was never anything else to do. those were the days.. when my parents paid for everything. i suppose this is better all things considered.

top 1st rich hill battling ugly motherfucker corey hart to lead off the game. STRIKE OUT. way to go rich. keep it up. and then jj hardy walks on a strike three breaking ball. that ump should die. maybe i should text him and tell him i saw it cross the plate. fantastic. ryan braun drives a hit through the left side. this guy is killing lefties. and hill hits prince fielder. what the hell?

bill hall bloops it into right and no one catches it. this is ridiculous. 1-0 brewers. how about a double play? nope. braun scores on a sac fly to floyd. 2 out. 2-0 brewers. rich hill has thrown 35 pitches. and kevin mench. yes, thats kevin mench hit a 3 run homer. 5-0 brewers. since when does rich hill completely suck? i feel like i’ve asked that before. what a piece of shit game this is so far. i think i have work to do or something.

bottom 1st and the cubs go 1-2-3 on like 2 total pitches. wow this is awesome. 8 innings left, they cant possibly be any worse than this first one.

top 2nd the brewers have fouled off about 60 pitches from hill. he is up to 68 after finally striking out ryan braun. jj hardy walked again and prince fielder is up. infield hit, aramis couldnt make the throw. unfortunately for the cubs and for me the brewers are actually a good baseball team. i’m still pretending that the cubs are. if they somehow can find a way to win this game, i will stop pretending and be convinced that the cubs are for real.

top 4th petrick is in now to pitch. bowen made a really nice, actually perfect, throw to catch corey hart stealing on strike three swinging to jj hardy. then aramis made a great catch on a hard hit liner to third for three outs. the offense for the cubs though has looked like complete shit.

bottom 7th the pitching has come around. petrick and wuertz both pitched two scoreless innings with 5 total strikeouts between them. right now the cubs have men on 1st and 2nd with 1 out. fontenot just recorded his first hit of the day driving in pie from third and its 5-3 brewers. the brewers are making a pitching change as carlos villenueva couldnt get the job done. this game should not be over yet. its not over yet. derrek lee with a chance here…

lines out to center on the first pitch, no one can advance. aramis? boy would i like to see a home run here. brewers have two guys throwing in the pen. i cant hear the fat guy len and bob are talking to in the booth that sung the stretch. i just a had a chipotle burrito. i’m getting fat, i need to start running or something.

anyway aramis? oh, he strikes out on a horrible pitch in the dirt. sweet. i’d like to make a note that the strike/ball calling in this game has been complete crap. felix pie struck out earlier looking at this pitch inside below his knees. and thats just one example. cubs still have two innings. marmol is coming in.

bottom 8th derosa just fouled it back into the umpire’s face. gotta love derosa. cliff floyd struck out to lead it off. the brewers have turnbow in. i know dero aint scared of this clown. and he walks on the worst ball four i’ve seen this game. i mean i think it hit the dirt halfway between the mound and the plate. luckily the ump made the right call.

and here is my boy daryle ward. best pinch hitter in the game. certaily the best one on the cubs. looks like koyie hill is gonna be catching because he is pinch hitting for bowen. wild pitch, turnbow has almost hit ward twice now. struck him out on a high fastball. disgusting. c’mon pie, play like you were when you first came up…

the ump calls that low and inside pitch a strike again… only strike two, lets go. nope. ground out.

top 9th well howry got into trouble again with a walk and single. but the fat ump behind the plate called ryan braun out on that same pitch low on the left side of the plate i’ve been bitching about all game. braun took off for first like he had walked and then was stunned to find out he struck out. i guess i cant be too mad at the ump now. regardless we still have at least two runs to get in the bottom.

bottom 9th theriot pops out. and soriano drives a ground ball up the middle for a base hit. its a start. we got the heart of the order now.

strike 1 to fontenot. and its hit through the hole into right field! goddamn fontenot knows how to fucking hit. sori to third, 1 down.

strike 1 to lee. 0-2. and ball 1 high and outside. low 2-2. he flies out to right and soriano trots home. 5-4.

its up to ramirez. AND THAT SHIT IS FUCKING GONE!! 6-5 CUBS!! i have never been so happy as a cub fan. i’m too shocked to say anything i’m just sitting here at my desk, i havent done any actual work in awhile. where am i again? holy shit. and we are at .500. see you tomorrow brewers. sorry francisco cordero.

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