Wow! We suck

So we have lost 2, thats right, two in a row versus the O’s. That is like the saddest thing ever. As long as they keep losing, the less I will write about baseball/yankees.

 On another note, I saw Godfather part 2 (again, for the 1st time in over 10 years or so). Its good, but not as good as the original. I think there are two things that don’t make it as good. 1st, Brando is not in it, and although a young Robert DeNiro is in it, he models himself after the character that Brando created, thus, taking again from the DeNiro X-Perience. (on a side note: this is the true DeNiro, not meet the focker deniro, this is almost as good as he gets, not as good as Raging Bull, but good)

2nd, Al Pacino starts becoming the Al Pacino we know now, the Pacino from The Devils Advocate/Scent of a Woman. In the 1st godfather Al yells once, and its to Kay. In the 2nd one, he yells, over acts and is so evil, its hard to imagine someone so evil. I mean, he kills Fredo.

I feel if this movie were to be made now a days, they would keep the Fredo traitor sequence much more hidden. By the time Michael realizes that Fredo is in league with Johnny Ola, we the viewer already know. If this movie were shot today, the scene when Michael finds, out would be the Keyser Soze part of the movie. Alas, its anticlimatic.


kiss of death scene, or Al Pacino over acts scene

The third one sucks so much, i dont even have it in my Q. So I dont think I will be watching it anytime soon.


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