team loyalties

i was giving migue shit earlier today about being a typical yankee only-care-if-we-win baseball fan. and he, justifiably, brought up the fact that during the cubs abysmal 2006 season i gave up and very unapologetically followed the tigers for the second half of the season because a) they were good and therefore b) they were fun to watch. the fact is, there is nothing wrong with wanting to watch good baseball. and it sucks watching your team when they suck ass.

so i’m gonna make it clear right now. if the cubs dont make the post season, i will be rooting for the tigers. i’m also rooting for the angels and phillies. and the mariners too. all other teams (that have a chance) can go to hell. especially the red sox. i have no problem rooting for other teams, but if they ever play the cubs i will root against them.

why? partly because there are plenty of other players i like around the league. and players with blogs have a special place in my heart. for instance from the angels, stud pitcher john lackey:

john lackey’s blog

and from my other favorite AL squad, los tigres, nate robertson:

gum time, nate robertson’s blog

and even though i fucking hate the red sox, i have to respect that curt schilling has a blog:

38 pitches, schilling’s blog

what we have learned: you are cool if you are a good pitcher and you blog. even if you play for the biggest group of fags in the AL.


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