live – rockies at cubs. game 77.

top 3rd subway jared is talking to len and bob in the booth right now. i’m not listening since i’m at work so i can’t hear it but i’m sure not missing anything baseball-related. except of course when the camera goes inside the booth so i can see jareds face. like i havent seen enough of it. cubs are up 1-0, thats good. and jared is now leaving. better.

matsui strikes out. i bet he wishes he didnt suck so bad.

bottom 3rd some sullivan fool in CF robbed fontenot of a base hit. who does he think he is impressing? wannabe. and derrek lee walks so we’re on base again. aramis is apparently sitting out today. i think cliff floyd is having a career year this year. he is a hometown kid. thats why. that settles it. and cliff walks.

hirsh throws a ball to pagan for strike one. lame. and pagan strikes out looking at a ball just off the outside of the plate. whatever. 2 down, 2 on. so here is my hero mark derosa…

HOME RUN 4-0 cubs. suck it rockies. do i hear a sweep coming on?

top 4th yes, i think i might because zambrano looks like he is definitely on today. 1-2-3 inning with two strikeouts. glad he started a “new season”. greg maddux can have michael barrett.

bottom 4th hello! fontenot hits a 2 out solo dinger. and apparently kaz matsui is afraid of the cubs (who wouldnt be?) as he makes his error of the year and of the series on a pop fly to let lee on base. too bad cliff floyd flies out to end it. 5-0 cubs.

top 7th we all know ryan dempster is on the DL. so we got billy petrick up from AA now and he pitched the top. 1-2-3 inning with two strikeouts, one looking, the last swinging. love it. its feels like one of those years where people come out of nowhere and contribute. maybe its easy to say when you’re on a hot streak. 5-2 cubs now after zambrano got in trouble in the 6th.

bottom 7th fontenot leads off with his 3rd hit of the game, a double. and we are talking to george thorogood in the booth. so fucking retarded. i swear i will complain about this in every game i can. did you know that when you’re putting together an album of blues covers you want to select songs that not too many people have done before? keep that in mind. it might help us against the brew crew this weekend.

and fontenot scores on a sac fly from pagan. 6-2 cubs.

top 8th petrick, after getting 5 total outs, gave up a two run HR to garrett atkins. oh well, the kid gets a standing ovation anyway. 6-4 cubs. hopefully will ohman and perhaps bob howry will find it in their hearts to give us 4 more outs. theres one.

top 9th after an uneventful bottom 8, carlos marmol is getting the call to close this game out. if it works, i think the kid may have a future in closing. if it doesnt work, well let’s just say i will be pissed.

marmol pitching to young troy whats-his-face. struck him out looking.

and then torrealba strikes out looking for 2 outs. you might want to try swinging at strikes if you want to come back.

1-2 on spilborgs. and he grounds out to fontenot for out number 3. thanks for coming out rockies. marmol, you are the man. i shouldnt have doubted you even for a second. and theres that 6 game win streak i needed. i now have no problem saying this is a good team. especially when people like jones and scott eyre play as little as possible.

now to have a shot at winning the NL central the cubs need to take at least 2 of 3 from the brewers this weekend. frankly i won’t be that impressed with the wild card, the way this team is capable of playing. however, i will take it if it gets the cubs to the postseason.


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