f*ing Cnn Dot Com

sorry for my pet peeve on cnn dot com, and how jim doesn’t like these off topic, but this is something that has to do with baseball. Ask a fan, any fan what symbols they think about when you say the word baseball to them: Homerun, hotdogs, the green grass…Thats right, the green grass, our environment, and what man better to sum up what is good about the environment than RFK jr.

As you can imagine, when news hit the internts that Fashion Designer Liz Clairborne had passed away, jim was overcome with sadness (wait for a retrospective piece on Liz by Jim. His grandmother taught Lizzy, as she was known, to sew sweaters). But I, on the other hand, could have cared less. Furthermore, to add to my disdain to the fashion industry and my reverence to the environment movement, you can only imagine the anger i felt with the picture that cnn dot com used in their article about Lizzy and the caption:


No word about RFKjr. nothing, all it talks about is the clothing that appealed to the career woman. Bullshit, what about somehting i like to call planet earth?


2 responses

  1. this one was WAY over my head. it would help i guess if i knew who RFK Jr. was other than the guy who looks like a kennedy in that picture. and i could care less about off topic as long as i’m not looking at ugly people, like i mentioned before. lizzy is pushing it was those glasses though. her age aint helping either.

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