live – rockies at cubs. game 76.

its been a weird day. i THINK the cubs traded jones to the marlins but apparently they are throwing in a PTBNL as well. which is bullshit. as bad as jones sucks, he is probably going to start CF for the marlins. plus, who knows if any of this is actually going through because the cubs arent saying shit yet. but i’m ready to watch the cubs take five in a row. wouldnt want to be anywhere else.

top 1st lilly leads off with a strikeout. ryan dempster went on the 15-day to make room for this pitcher billy petrick from AA. jones must be available on the bench for the cubs today.

called strike three on troy whatever. 2 out. ramirez throws to first to get holliday and so far so good. love it.

rod beck got a moment of silence before tonights game at wrigley. as well he should.

bottom 1st aramis sees 10 pitches and drives a double over the right fielders head. 1-0 cubs. and then cliff floyd takes the fourth pitch he sees almost puts it out on sheffield. 3-0 cubs. this is the way cub baseball should be. the big difference between this and the rest of the season, cubs are driving in runs with 2 outs.

top 2nd derosa just made an amazing diving stop to throw out dante bichette lookalike jamey carroll and help ted lilly out of a troublesome inning. damage fairly minimal. 3-1 cubs. i like the DeRo signing more and more all the time. love good D. and he can basically play anywhere on the field. i said the cubs would have to give me a 6 game win streak before i’d be pretending they were a good team again but i’m getting pretty close after 4.

top 3rd soriano watched a ball hit the wall behind him off troy t’s bat, then turned and fired to second to get the runner by about five steps. thats 10 outfield assists for sori now. i LOVE this defense. todd helton helped out lilly and took a very awkward swing at strike three to end the inning and another rockies threat. lilly is having a hard time finding the strike zone today…

bottom 3rd sori leads off with a double into right. fontenot doubles over the head the center fielder to score him. 4-1 cubs. i saw fontenot do that time after time here in portland and i was like “who is this guy??”. and he is still doing it now. he has reached in 9 of last 10 times to the plate. and only one was a walk.

koyie hill up now, bases loaded, two out. i saw him here in portland too drive doubles out to the wall at pge park. he flies to center, cubs leave 3 on. i spose they were due.

top 4th lilly has given up 5 walks. its 4-3 cubs now with 2 outs, 1st and 3rd. if the cubs can win with this lousy performance by their starter it will be pretty remarkable. troy whoever pops out to floyd to end it. this is brutal though. throw strikes lilly.

top 5th thats what i like to see, some fly outs and a 1-2-3 inning for lilly getting through the heart of the rockies order. especially after a 1-2-3 inning from the cubs starting with a first pitch ground out from pie. wtf.

bottom 5th theres that koyie hill double i’m talking about. 7-3 cubs. wow, even ted lilly got a hit this inning. i think everyone has been on base now but derrek lee. 8-3 cubs. and this is all with 2 outs again. finally its enjoyable to watch the cubs.

bottom 6th mlb is fucking me over as neither video or audio for the game will load anymore. i’m reduced to watching gameday when it decides to work. also, how does “biggio three hits away from 3,000” qualify as news?

top 9th is back in crappy quality, i get to see like 1 in 200 frames or something. marmol is going to come on to try to close this 8-4 game out. they are trying to give me a heart attack. after the first three batters get on base and/or cross the plate (8-5 cubs), marmol strikes out two and then piniella brings in will ohman to pitch to todd helton. who thankfully flies out to fontenot to end the game. 5 win game streak.


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