Cnn Dot Com Same Sex Couple


Cnn dot com had an article on same sex couples. What does this have to do with anything? Check out the glove on the kids hand and how its placed on the wrong hand Dad A. doesnt realize and Dad B. doesnt care/realize.

Way to reinforce a stereotype CNN Dot Com. Way to go!


2 responses

  1. dude on the right is doing enough to reinforce the stereotype by himself. oh wait which stereotype are you talking about? i think he only has a glove in the first place because Hispanics all play baseball well. way to go, Dads.

  2. Unless “young tiger woods” has a deformed hand, which would feed into the stereotype that “damaged” kids are the only ones up for adoption, his glove is still in the wrong hand. Good call on the guy on the right, TV’s Jonathan, from Who is the Boss.

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