rod beck and why we care

um, actually i dont really know the answer to that. in my mind, rod beck is a san francisco giant. i really didnt pay that much attention to baseball when he was a cub. and yes we’re talking about the 1998 sammy sosa season i guess is when he became a cub. he’ll always be barry bonds and will clarks teammate to me. eh…


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  1. funny story though, back when rod used to play ball with my dad. my dad was his catcher and it was the bottom of the 7th. last inning, our team (the scherer-buick cubs) is winning 15-14 and rod was pitching, trying to close it out. the opposing pitcher for domino’s pizza cardinals was batting, his name is steve. steve is also the cardinal’s best hitter. rod walked the previous batter, we thought he might be getting tired. my dad calls for a fastball inside on a 3-2 count, steve connects and the ball ends up smashing one of the lights just beyond the right field fence. scherer-buick loses 16-15.

    so rod is fucking pissed and he is blaming my dad. he was being a complete prick. anyway, the point of the story is that he puts a curse on me since he is so mad at my dad. he says i will never be able to grow a beard or moustache, especially not one as nice as his. and sure enough, to this day my facial hair doesnt grow right, its patchy and ugly. and its all rod becks’ fault.

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