live – rockies at cubs. game 75.

its jason marquis tonight, hoping to get his first win since his complete game shutout against pittsburgh on may 9th. i tuned in about twenty minutes late with the rockies already up 1-0 in the bottom 1st . cubs had runners on first and second with 2 outs, derosa was batting. i had pretty much given up on the inning since the cubs this season are so anti-clutch. but instead derosa knocked a ground ball single into left field scoring derrek lee. next batter, pagan, hit a three run HR. fucking amazing.

and its now its bottom 3rd , jason marquis pitched a perfect top of the inning and now some cubs marketing fool is chatting with len and bob about some bullshit contest for a fan to sing the 7th inning stretch. i would almost rather listen to hawk harrelson than this piece of shit. shut the fuck up and get back to the baseball game. i wish i could show you what he is wearing. this 7th inning stretch shit needs to die.

i put on my ipod so i dont have to listen to this bald director of marketing and sales try his best to fellate dead harry caray. derosa scores fontenot on a ground ball to the right side. 5-1 cubs.

top 4th glenallen hill is the first base coach for the rockies.

bottom 6th my man fontenot with his 4th hit of the night drives in theriot from third with 1 out and its no 7-3 cubs. marquis got knocked out with 2 out in the top of the inning but wuertz came in and got the grounder to short to end the rockies would-be rally. i’m glad pie is sitting today against the lefty starter. he is slumping so let pagan get a chance and drive a ball out of the park.

top 7th ramirez just made a nice catch at 3rd for the first out. the cubs defense at 3rd this year, whether its aram or derosa has been really solid. love to see some good defense. izturis has 7 errors at short this year, one of them earlier tonight. he is supposed to be our defensive shortstop. ramirez throws to first to retire matt holliday for out number 2. now todd helton with his goatee straight from the colorado wilderness. ok can he quit fouling it back? and he walks on the 9th pitch. i hate walks. when issued by cubs pitching. how bout throwing a strike to garrett atkins, i guarantee he will not get a hit. ball fucking four. and scott eyre is warmed up and ready to go. this could be trouble.

the stats on eyre: (0-1 6.20). i’m surprised he only has 1 loss. he needs to get brad haupe, who cannot hit lefties very well, out. i’m holding my breath. ball fucking one. for christs sake. 2-0. and he throws a strike. and that shit was clooooose. strike 2 looking. lets go. ball 3, not even close. and he struck him out swinging! now that is what i’m talking about.

this seventh inning stretch shit is so freakin annoying. can these people hear the damn organ? sing with the music!

bottom 7th there is a baseball game still going on but you’d never know it because we have to talk to the number one pick by the blackhawks about hockey. one more reason the cubs brass are not about baseball they are about other miscellaneous crap to appeal to the masses. and this is going to go on for the rest of the inning. i think the fucking fray was here like a week ago. who gives a shit? they are from colorado and knew nothing whatsoever about baseball. i hate everything about the cubs but the actual team, its sick.

bottom 8th theriot snaps an 0 for 17 skid tonight and is now 2 for 2 with a double just now into left-center. we simply do not have a roster spot for jacque jones to eat up anymore. we need another pitcher bad right now with dempster probably injured. we do not need 6 outfielders. pagan and pie are playing too well to be sent down. ok pie is not, but still. fuck if they cant trade jones and they send pie again i will be pissed.

theriot is on third now as sori strikes out and the pitch rolls away. fontenot 5-5 with a double down the left field line!! 8-3 cubs. he is 7 for his last 7! fontenot can hit. i saw him here in portland when he was with iowa a couple months ago and he was money. good stuff. i love that the cubs have scored in 5 of 8 innings.

top 9th surprise! scott eyre sucks. 8-4, no outs, 2nd and 3rd. howry is coming in to try to save his ass. and howry gives up a single. 8-5.

another hit. 8-6. 1st and 2nd, no outs.

troy whatever hits it out of the park. 9-8 rockies. fucking pathetic. roster move, anyone?

also dont make up stories about dead people because it’ll come back to haunt you. any chance the cubs can make it 6 out of 9 innings? help us out there, rod. my bad.

bottom 9th HOLY SHIT!!! soriano smacks a bases loaded single into right and two runs score! cubs fucking win!! unbelieveable. rod beck, you rule. no one will ever be able to tell me it wasn’t you that made matsui bobble that ball. i take back what i said about you being a sf giant. you are a true cub. r.i.p. my man.


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