live – cubs at white sox. game 73

rich hill (5-5 3.22) vs. javier vasquez (3-5 4.39)

top 1st soriano leads off the second game in a row with a home run. i love being a cubs fan! 1-0 cubs. however i hate whoever is responsible for never letting me watch a damn baseball game on a saturday due to national blackout. i gotta listen to pat and ron today.

and now i gotta listen to derrek lee and ramirez both strike out swinging. half swinging in aram’s case. and why is izturis playing over derosa?

“I feel better,” DeRosa said Thursday. “I still have a faint headache and stuff, but my vision is fine. I’ve had bad headaches. I’ve gotten concussions in football and stuff like that. I know what it’s like to want to go in a dark room and close your eyes. I’ve never had problems with my vision.

he is an ex-football player? watch out erstad. maybe those two are off puntinf footballs to each other in the parking lot instead of playing today.

bottom 1st podsednik steals a base off rich hill. now he is on 3rd with one out. i’ve seen people not score from third in this situation all the time this season. and thome is a retard. and he grounds out to score the run. 1-1

some bullshit. did i mention i’m pissed i cant watch this game? now konerko doubles. since when does rich hill completely suck? oh yeah, since the beginning of may. nice. theriot apparently just made a nice diving catch for the third out. too bad i cant see it. and that is the last time i’ll complain about that.

bottom 2nd someone apparently asked pat and ron if barry bonds hits 756 at wrigley, which could happen, will they throw the ball back? and they laughed and said no way. i’d like to make it clear that i’d throw that shit back without hesitating.

soriano gunned down terrero trying to take second on a base hit. dont fuck with sori. 2 out, man on 3rd. are the sox gonna take the lead? this terrero guy thinks he is a fast i guess after his attempt to bunt for a hit yesterday. i think he is just an idiot. sox dont score, inning over.

top 3rd izturis leads off with a double. a good baseball team would score this run. we’ll see what happens, here is sori. and he flies out on a bad pitch according to ron. derrek lee strikes out on a curve to end the inning. a good team wouldve scored, but yes the cubs are a bad team. pathetic.

top 5th izturis with a two out single and soriano strikes out to end the inning. why do i keep putting myself through this? 1-1 still against the white sox. this is seriously bad. but rich hill seems to have found his command, he’s got 5 K’s through 4 innings. he better keep it up since the cubs offense is impotent as usual.

bottom 6th marmol comes in to retire josh fields and end the inning after rich hill walks 2. thats my boy right there marmol.if the cubs could just score some fucking runs. they wasted another 1 out double by lee in the top of the 6th. its just really bad.

top 8th izturis leads off with a single again. i guess i’m glad derosa didnt start. but it looks like the cubs are going to waste it one more time. thats right i have no confidence whatever in this team. he stole second as fontenot struck out for the second out and now ozzie is bringing in bobby jenks to try to get out d lee. my guess is that it works. i hope lee proves me wrong… nope he strikes out. kill me please.

top 9th oh man, ryan theriot just squeeze bunted angel pagan in from 3rd to score the 2nd run, its 2-1 cubs. thats huge. i REALLY wish i couldve seen that on tv. or even though its a 2-1 victory i think that squeeze call by lou is good for the team trying to learn to how to win as a club. had to take that game, glad we got it done.


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