live – cubs at white sox. game 72

yeah so i’m still watching and following the cubs. i have the curse of being a life long cubs fan. but i’ve still given up on this season. i’m looking forward to fall baseball because its just plain awesome but i have no expectation that the cubs will be part of it.

we now join zambrano and the cubs in the bottom 4th as Aj P. bats with two on and two out. and perzinsky grounds out. because he sucks. its nice to know people who are not on the cubs also suck.

looks like the cubs have hit 2 solo HRs so far. Aramis is back.

moving into top 6th, zambrano apparently has brought his “A game” today. either that or the sox completely blow. possibly both. i would love to see some actual offense from the cubs. a 2-0 win doesnt make me that happy at this point. in fact, i’m sure fall baseball will be much more enjoyable if the cubs ARENT part of it because the teams that are actually play good baseball. i’m rooting for the phillies to win the NL east.

Soriano singles. Fontenot, Lee, and Ramirez all make outs. I’m not going to make snide comment about my lack of surprise at wasting a lead off hit because i’ve already written, said, or thought it too many times this season and its really old and not funny.

bottom 6th luis terrero just bunted with one out and none on. i think the sox are trying to lose.

bottom 7th konerko hit a solo HR. what a boring baseball game this is. 2-1 cubs.

top 9th boy, i’m glad aramis is back. fontenot lead off with a single and lee walked. two on, no out, perfect opportunity for the cubs to waste another scoring opportunity! but no! ramirez came through with a single up the middle and fontenot speeds around to score. still no outs. sox are done with nick masset. 3-1 cubs.

derosa bunts to advance the runners. pretty fuckin weaksauce. 1 out.

rob bowen walks. i like this guy. he knows how to take a pitch unlike some dominicans i know on this team. still 1 out. bases loaded. of course that walk sets up the double play… hmm, 1 out bases loaded… what are the odds the cubs end this inning without scoring again? ozzie is making another pitching change. angel pagan to the plate. and he is out.

pie? got anything for us? i know he hates lefties.

holy shit the sox suck. they cant play defense. pie hits a dribbler between 3rd and short. 2 runs score on an overthrow to home. 5-1 cubs. izturis grounds to third, 3 out.

i’m no hater but i wasn’t about to be impressed by a 2-1 win. this half inning made me somewhat happy but let me know when the cubs have a 6 game win streak and i’ll start pretending they are a good team again.

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