The Season, so far

Well, its been a different season so far. My Yanks were doing bad, then they got hot, now they are coming back to earth. Arod is earning his money, i dont really see him playing with anyone else next season, but we shall see. Out of the blue, roger clemens selected the yankees as this year “team he pitches for.” The redsoxs are just gay and they suck. Posada is playing real good and now there is word that he might be a hall of famer (check out link: ) The pitching has been turning it around, but i feel when the dust settles, the good things about this year will be how Wang became a tier 1 pitcher. Robinson Cano is having a bad year, thus putting his future not so bright any longer. We long for the days of Mattingly and Tino. Johny Damon hasnt been playing as well as we thought he would and Carl Pavano is gay.

We will see what happens, If the yankees make it, it will be due to the wild card, if they dont make, they dont.

As for the cubs, I will let James take over and let you know whats happening, in the mean time, enjoy:

One response

  1. i would vote in posada. unless ron santo doesnt make it. then i say we open a new migames HOF that includes them and doesnt include mike schmidt.

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