big weekend for los cubs

i was sharing some thoughts on the cubs with my family over email so i’ll reiterate them here. last night the cubs lost to the texas rangers. i consider losing to the rangers to be something that playoff bound teams do not do. especially if that loss puts that team (ie the cubs) at 32-38 on the season. if the cubs do not take 2 of 3 from the rangers and sweep the white sox at u.s. cellular this weekend, i have to declare this season officially over for them. the white sox and rangers are without question 2 of the worst teams in baseball and if the cubs cant beat up on them, then how can they have a chance at beating good teams? its frustrating being a cubs fan but i’m stuck with it.

in other news, this blog has sported brewers colors all year so thats going to change. no wonder they are in first place. by the time anyone reads this, there will be a new look.


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  1. i think the NL central you are going to have to wait till september to declare anyteam, including the reds, dead. You will see. Trust the suck factor of the NL central to help you out

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