New Live BLOG: Yankee game 70

Ill pick it up after the Clemens hit in the top of the 5th with the game tied and one out

 Damon proves to us that he is sucking by lining out for a double play to end the inning.

Bottom 5th

Tavares pops out to Jeter, one down. Clemens still pitches, the lesser Matsui comes to the plate

 Lesser Matsui gets a Hit

Holliday up to the plate, Scott Proctor is warming up, hence another reason why the NL sucks…MLB tv sucks and its stuck on a image of Posada and Clemens. Atleast I can still hear whats happening…unfrozen…Lesser Matsui takes second. Kill Posada

 Holliday hits a single up the middle, Damon had a hard time tossing the ball to Cano. CR up 3-2.

Torre takes out Clemens, the Rockies fan give him a standing ovation for some reason I dont understand

<i take a piss break as Mike Myers comes to pitch, someone call Jamie Lee Curtis>

I came back from pissing, there is still one out, and Mike Myers aint pitching no more. Scott Proctor on the mound. Gay

 Sac Fly from Atkins, 4-2. Most likely we lost

 Tod Helton tries to steal 2nd and is gun downed by Posada, thus giving creedance to the theory that men with Goat-Ts are slow. Think about it.

Top of the 6th

Jeter doubles, he keeps his 15 hitting streak going and there are little girls in Long Island all happy now.

Our number 3 hitters tries to put down a bunt, gross…he goes on to Strike Out and Jeter doesnt advance. Can someone retell how El Duque left Cuba, I love to talk about the 98 season

Arod up, he hits to a ground ball to SS, Jeter, for some reason tries to get to 3rd and get caught in a rundown, that girl in Long Island doesnt care because she can blame Arod.

Posada up, 2-1 count, watch Posada drive one out of the park…or the infield. Posada gets a single, he is solid thus far this year.

Don Baylor takes Lopez out of the game

The better Matsui is at bat with a 3-2 count, and he strikes out. Gross

Bottom of the 6th

1 up and 1 down, im not gonna waste my wit on this past out

 Dante Bichette rips a double

(off field Giambi and Selig decide that he (giambi) is taking a step foward, who cares?)

Larry Walker strikes out

Andres Galaraga walks

Vinny Castilla pops out to CF

Top of 7th

Cano hits a ground rule double to cf, the ball lands in the magical forrest of Coors Field

Cairo bunts, i hate bunts. Cano to 3rd

Sac fly by Melky, he almost hit a homerun

score 4-3 rockies

Damon up, vomit, and he gets a hit. And by hit i mean he is out

Bot of 7th

Bruney pitches for yanks

One up one down

another walk….its almost closing time for me. so i gottas leave, the game is 4-3. Which sucks if you are yankee fan. SO whatever. the NL blows. I hate this league. BLAH


One response

  1. everyone wants to suck clemens dick. can baseball fans be more pathetic? i read a comment today someone said the home run (steriod) race between mcgwire and sosa was good for baseball cuz it brought more fans. if more fans dumbass fans is good for baseball then consider me moving back to peoria IL to become a cardinals fan and work at burger king.

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