live – cubs at rangers. game 71

ted lilly is pitching today against vicente padilla (3-8 6.46). the cubs NEED to win this game.

OOPS! they didnt win. this season is over. fuck it. they left 13 men on base (though maybe it was more not sure if gameday has updated yet) and they cant score a run to take to the goddamn lead. i’m sick of following losing baseball. the cubs are pathetic and thats really all there is to it. when wrigley field gets torn down and the cubs become a baseball team instead of an attraction for 20 and 30 something drunks then i will be a fan again. fuck you cubs and fuck you chicago tribune. and fuck you wrigley too.


4 responses

  1. rob bowen’s first plate appearance as a cub: walk. the cubs just ended the top of the 2nd failing to drive in a run with bases loaded and no outs. recurring theme, i see it in seemingly every fucking game. they’ve now left 5 runners in scoring position in two innings. i hate the cubs.

  2. yay the cubs tied up, however they have left 13 fucking baserunners on so far in this game and they cannot take the lead. can i stress one more time that we are playing the motherfucking texas rangers.

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