Zen and the art of trading: Numerical View of Arod Asor

During the offseason of the 2004 season, the yankees and rangers were involved in a trade. Alfonso Soriano for ALex Rodriguez…here is the breakdown, lookin at just some key stats. no more, no less


ArodG 155 HR 36 BB 80 SO 131 OBP .375 SLG .512 *OPS+ 133

AsorG 145 HR 28BB 33 SO 121 OBP .324 SLG .484 *OPS+ 98

Arod takes 2004 by a long shot. Look at the bbs alone


ArodG 162 HR 48 BB 91 SO 139 OBP .421 SLG .610 *OPS+ 167

AsorG 156 HR 36BB 33 SO 125 OBP .309 SLG .512 *OPS+ 110 Asor was traded by the rangers after this season to the Nats/Expos for Brad Wilkerson. So now we compare Arod to Brad Wilerson


ArodG 154 HR 35 BB 90 SO 139 OBP .392 SLG .523 *OPS+ 140

BwilG 95 HR 15 BB 37 SO 116 OBP .306 SLG .422 *OPS+ 83

This here is just sloopy. You shouldnt compare players like Arod to people like Bwil. All in all this was a terrible trade for Texas. Who should they have recieved from the 2003 New York Yankees?

A combo of Posada and Asor would have been a better trade. Somehow, someway, thats what they wanted, and thats what they got. Especially because the Rangers ended up paying a big amount of Arod contract. Doesnt make sense.


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