Cubs at Brewers – Win 2 (2-2)

I love Rich Hill. There is gonna be a lot of talk about him this season. The most beautiful thing in the world is a breaking ball located for a strike especially when the opposing batter is swing at the third strike. And Rich Hill throws a lot of them. Hill threw 7 innings today against the Brewers and had a perfect game through 5. The only hit he gave up was a home run to Corey Hart to lead off the bottom of the 6th. Hill didn’t walk a batter at all during Spring Training and he didn’t walk anyone tonight either. Hill threw 78 pitches, 58 for strikes. That is what I’m talking about.

Angel Guzman came in to finish off the game for the Cubs on the mound. He pitched ok but if the Cubs weren’t up 9-1 when he came in, giving up 2 runs in the 9th could have been a game breaker. I think Guzman has great potential but he has been Mr. Potential for awhile now. I like to see him in there getting innings while the Cubs are up big. He did pitch well in Spring Training.

Cubs offense finally came to life today in the first innings. Surprisingly though, Mark DeRosa leads the team in home runs with 2. The only other player with a home run so far is Ronny Cedeno who hit his in the top of the 8th tonight. So when is Sori going to wake up and when is D-Lee going to belt one? No reason to worry, I’m sure it will be soon.

So far though, Soriano is not even close to my favorite hitter on this team. He swings at some horrible pitches. Love to see Aramis heating up early in April this year. Theriot is the man even though he is mostly being used as a pinch runner so far. I’m a little more comfortable having Cliff Floyd in the lineup so far instead of Murton. Floyd can really hit and he makes a big difference on this team. I think we’re going to have lots more games like this. Lilly, Marquis, and Hill have all shown this week that they can shut teams down. I’d be a little more impressed with the offense if it wasn’t so concentrated in the first inning but I’m not worried that they’ll be able to score runs this year.

Its good to see Barrett get his first hits of the year tonight with a couple RBI. One of things that really pisses me off is when the Cubs leave runners on base. In the first series with the series, they left 27 runners on base. That is pathetic. Last night’s loss was tough because they had runners on every inning. Plus Marquis really pitched well. I like the Marquis signing more and more all the time. The Cubs have a good team and I know things have changed when we can get clutch hits (or hits at all) from the 7th and 8th spots in the lineup. Not only hits but walks. Cedeno, Izturis, and DeRosa all showed they could take all kinds of walks in Spring Training and I’m sure they’ll continue that into the season. I’m sure I’ll be blogging plenty more Cubs wins this year.


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