injured pitching

the baseball season was officially underway yesterday for the Cubs as pitchers and catchers met for the beginning of spring training. Wade Miller, coming off shoulder surgery and being out pretty much the entire 2006 season threw off the mound and so did often-injured Mark Prior. And so did Kerry Wood! The Cubs young stud pitcher who has basically been injured for 3 years and who the Cubs resigned this offseason to a 1.75M incentive packed 1-yr deal! Oh no wait… Wood didn’t throw at all because he injured himself again the other day getting out of his hot tub. Bruised ribs. They say he will be out 4-5 days. Seriously, that is sad.

I wonder if I even want Mark Prior back from injuryville the way he pitched on the few days he did show up last year. pitchers have to basically reinvent themselves after they get seriously injured and right now my confidence is pretty low for woodsy and mark and even wade. i really dont know how this season is gonna go but i cant wait til the season starts and i get my hookup. spring training should be included. i hate MLB


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